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Bitcoin Scams

Bitcoin has been a volatile subject in recent years, both literally and figuratively. As an alternative currency to national standard currencies around the world, like the dollar, Bitcoin is a […]

credit card scam

Card Cracking Scams on Social Media

Social Media Card-Cracking Scams  Fraudsters utilize every available avenue to perpetrate their scams. Social media is no exception. A scam working through these channels is referred to as card cracking […]

Craigslist and Marketplace Scams

Common Craigslist and Marketplace Scams

Common Craigslist and Marketplace Scams  Craigslist is a go-to place for people wanting to sell old record collections, buy new cars, cheap household items, or even to find a job. […]


Email Scams: Contests, Giveaways, Lotteries, & Sweepstakes

These scams are just what they sound like. They are a bogus contest, lottery or sweepstakes notification delivered by email– intended to part you from your money, your identity, or […]

121fcu Fake Charity Scams

Fake Charity Scams

What Are Fake Charity Scams and How Do They Work? Not all organizations soliciting charitable donations are actual charitable organizations.  Some, in fact, are fraudulent organizations pushed by scammers in […]


Funeral and Cemetery Scams

Whether you are prearranging and prepaying for your own funeral or arranging and paying for the funeral of a loved one, you have become a potential target, through no fault […]


Government Grant Scams

A government grant scam is a form of government impostor scam. The criminals impersonate official government entities. These government grant schemes can be costly for victims and further consumer distrust […]

121fcu Automating Your Finances

How Does CardValet Work

CardValet® – Your card on your terms. With CardValet, You Can: Turn your card on and off Establish transaction controls for dollar amounts, merchant categories and geographic locations. Receive alerts […]


Identifying Malware/Viruses Scams

Definition of Malware and Virus Scams Most people these days use computers of some sort to store their most precious personal information and transact their most vital transactions, even if […]


IDProtect Identity Theft Monitoring & Resolution

You can rest easy knowing that IDProtect*, our identity theft monitoring and resolution service, can help better protect your identity. IDPROTECT® IDENTITY THEFT MONITORING & RESOLUTION IDENTITY THEFT EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT […]


Instagram Copyright Infringement Scam

The Facebook-owned social network Instagram is a fount of shared content: photos, videos, GIFs, screenshots and more.  Much of this content is user-generated by the individual sharing it, but other […]


Investment Scams

Scam artists are out in full force and looking for ways to con unsuspecting consumers out of their hard-earned cash. The world of investing has always been risky, but the […]


Know How to Detect Coronavirus Scams

It’s hard to believe anyone would take advantage of a tragedy so horrific as a global pandemic that’s infected millions and killed thousands, yet such people exist. Ever since the […]


Look Out for These Job Scams

At a time when unemployment is at its highest, so too are scams attempting to take advantage of people’s desperation to find stable and secure work and earn a steady […]

121fcu-insurance scam fraud

Medicare & Health Insurance Scams

What Are Medicare and Health Insurance Scams? In Medicare and health insurance scams, con artists attempt to obtain your Medicare or health insurance number in order to steal your identity […]

one ring phone scam

One Ring Phone Scam

The “One Ring Phone Scam” (also known as a “wangiri” call) is a scam wherein you receive a call that rings just once. You might mistakenly think that you have […]


Package Delivery Scams

Package delivery scams are yet one more way that thieves can steal your identity and use it to make purchases and potentially commit other crimes in your name.   Especially today, […]


Phone Scam: IRS Imposter

Phone Scam: IRS Imposter Your phone is ringing. The caller ID shows a Washington, D.C. area code. You answer the call. The person on the other line states they are […]


Phone Scam: Your Auto Warranty Is About to Expire

Phone Scam: Your Auto Warranty Is About to Expire Like many scams, the ultimate aim of this scam is to gain access to your valuable personal information. The scammers can […]

Mortgage Scams

Reverse Mortgage Scams

Reverse Mortgage Scams A reverse mortgage, aka home equity conversion mortgage (HECM,) is a loan product that allows a homeowner to access the property’s unencumbered value. It can be a […]

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