Primary & Secondary Residence

Home is closer than you think. We offer a variety of mortgage options so that you can select the right financing option for your permanent residence or vacation home. Start your home-owning journey with 121 Financial, where you can expect competitive rates, in-house underwriting and lower closing costs.

Types of Home Loans

Fixed Rate Loans

Maintain the original interest rate throughout the entire life of your loan.

Adjustable Rate Loans

Pay a lower monthly payment for a fixed number of years to allow for more flexibility.

Jumbo Loans

We offer special pricing when your dream home exceeds the conventional loan limit.

Unique Loans

Ask us about our first-time homebuyer programs.

Instant Rate Quote

If you are looking for a shorter-term mortgage, ask us about our TimeSaver program that pays up to $5000.00 in closing costs.

**FHA, VA, and USDA rates are available through our mortgage partner, TruHome Solutions. For more information, contact us at 833-832-0145 or**

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Save BIG with HomeAdvantage

By using a credit union-approved realtor to help you find and buy a home in the Jacksonville area, you can get up to thousands of dollars back at closing. Choose from dozens of certified local realty experts to help you navigate the home-buying process and save money doing it.

Refinance Your Home Mortgage

Pay off your home mortgage before you retire. Whether you want to build home equity faster or just save money, 121 Financial can work with you to help lower your interest rate and monthly payments with our refinancing options.

Why Should You Refinance?

  • You can pay off your home mortgage sooner by months—even years
  • You can pay a lower-interest rate on your home mortgage
  • You can reduce your monthly payments
  • You can reallocate your funds costly debt, including student loans, credit card balances and auto loans

When Should You Refinance?

  • Interest rates are lower today than when you started your home mortgage
  • Your home has dramatically appreciated in market value

How Can I Prepare to Refinance?

Familiarize yourself with your credit history

Collect your personal financial information

Talk with 121 Financial to learn about your home mortgage refinancing options 800.342.2352

“I finance my vehicle and all my loans through 121 Financial Credit Union for all the low rates! 121 Financial helps me save and manage my finances for a better and more secure future.”

- Ashley Lybarger