Low APR Personal Loans Lending personalized for you and your life.


Life’s full of surprising opportunities—and sometimes unexpected expenses. 121 Financial offers loans specifically designed for what matters most in your life, be it a dream vacation, a once-in-a-lifetime celebration or taking care of unforeseen medical costs.

Line of Credit

Borrow only the money you need as you need it and only pay interest on the money you borrow. We offer a revolving personal line of credit so that you are ready for cash shortfalls, needed repairs and any unpredicted expense in between.


Rebuild your credit or purchase a costly necessity without dipping into your savings. A secured loan with us is backed by your 121 Financial savings account so that you can receive a low-rate loan while still earning interest on your savings.

PERSONAL LOAN• Fixed interest rate
• Low minimum payments
• Easy payment schedule
8.50% fixed$500 to $50,000Up to 60 months
LINE OF CREDIT• Only pay interest on amount borrowed
• Low minimum payments
• Easy payment schedule
10.84% variableUp to $10,000-
SECURED LOAN• Only pay interest on amount borrowed
• Low minimum payments
• Easy payment schedule
4.15% fixedUp to 100% of your savings balanceUp to 5 years

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR shown is lowest available rate. Rates determined by creditworthiness criteria.

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