Loan Insurance for Members Protect Your Credit and ensure payment of your loans 

Insure Your Loan to Ensure Your Financial Stability

We can expect for the unexpected to happen. Injury, illness, car accident, untimely death—you can’t always predict when that day comes. That’s why 121 Financial offers loan insurance policy options to pair with your loan payment plans so that you have that additional financial coverage during any unforeseen—and costly—circumstance.

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Credit Life Insurance

Don’t burden your family with your debt during a difficult time. Our Credit Life Insurance option guarantees to pay off the remainder of your loan should you pass away before fulfilling all of your payments. We take care of the payments through this loan insurance policy so that your family can focus on moving forward.

Credit Disability Insurance

Accidents can happen any time and anywhere—even if you sit at a desk all day. And you can catch a serious illness within any work environment across all industries. Our Credit Disability Insurance option is designed to protect your family’s lifestyle if you are unable to make your monthly loan payments because of illness or injury. This loan insurance policy covers your monthly payments from the time you are disabled and unable to work until you can return back to your job.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Your car—be it new or used—depreciates in value the minute you drive it off the dealer’s lot. And when your car is stolen without being recovered or totaled in an accident, you may find that you owe more money than your car is worth. With our Guaranteed Asset Protection plan, you can expect to pay only the difference between the insurance settlement and your loan balance, saving you hundreds of dollars. We also offer valuable protection options including no exclusion for excess mileage, prior damage or wear and tear.

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*Up to $100/occurrence. Includes towing, battery jump start, fluid delivery, flat tire assistance and lock-out service.
**Up to $35/day (five-day maximum, 10-day maximum for parts delay)
***Up to $200/day (five-day maximum) for lodging, food and transportation expense when a covered breakdown occurs 100 miles or more from home. Not available to NY residents.

+Additional parts not covered: Constant Velocity Boots, Tires, Wheel Covers, Wheel Rims, Wheels, Wheel Balancing, Shock Absorbers, Suspension, Air Bags, Exhaust System, Catalytic Converter, Friction Clutch Disc And Pressure Plate And Clutch Release Bearing, Glass, Glass Framework And Fastening Adhesives, Sealed Beam Head Lamps, Light Bulbs, Lenses, Trim, Moldings, Bright Metal, Upholstery, Paint, Sheet Metal, Bumpers, Alignment Of Body Parts, Flexible Body Parts, Door Panels, Body Panels, Structural Framework, Convertible Top Framework, Structural Welds, Hinges, Door Handles, Vinyl And Convertible Tops And Non-Mechanical Removable Hardtop Assemblies.

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