Our Auto Warranty Picks Up Where Your Factory Warranty Ends

As the mileage on your car adds up, so too does the cost for repairs and regular maintenance. 121 Financial offers customizable Mechanical Repair Coverage powered by ForeverCar so that you can cut costs on out-of-pocket expenses with an extended auto warranty that protects your car and your wallet when your factory warranty expires.

Qualified Discounts

24-hour emergency roadside assistance*
Rental reimbursement**
Travel expense reimbursement***
24-hour online shopping experience*
Convenient customer service support by chat, call or email
Easy payment schedule

How Costly Can Your Car Be?

  • A/C Compressor $1,500
  • Fuel Pump $2,000
  • Suspension $3,500
  • Transmission $5,000
  • Engine $6,000

Silver Plan

We offer car repair coverage when you want to safeguard your vehicle’s most essential parts. This auto warranty plan protects your engine, transmission, steering, front suspension, brakes, electrical and A/C.

Gold Plan

Choose this auto warranty coverage when protecting just the essentials isn’t enough. This protection plan upgrades our Silver Plan experience by also covering additional car parts including anti-lock brake system, low fuel sensors, low oil sensors, power window motors, power door locks, instrument displays and radiator.

Platinum Plan

If close-to-complete coverage is what you need, we offer it. This auto warranty protection plan boosts the experience of our Gold Plan by covering almost any car part in your vehicle. In fact, it’s just easier to list what’s not covered in this plan.+

Platinum Plus Plan

This is as close to complete car repair coverage that you can get. Upgrade your Platinum Plan experience by choosing this protection plan+ that also replaces parts guaranteed to wear out over time such as brake pads, windshield wipers, light bulbs and fuses.

*Up to $100/occurrence. Includes towing, battery jump start, fluid delivery, flat tire assistance and lock-out service.
**Up to $35/day (five-day maximum, 10-day maximum for parts delay)
***Up to $200/day (five-day maximum) for lodging, food and transportation expense when a covered breakdown occurs 100 miles or more from home. Not available to NY residents.

+Additional parts not covered: Constant Velocity Boots, Tires, Wheel Covers, Wheel Rims, Wheels, Wheel Balancing, Shock Absorbers, Suspension, Air Bags, Exhaust System, Catalytic Converter, Friction Clutch Disc And Pressure Plate And Clutch Release Bearing, Glass, Glass Framework And Fastening Adhesives, Sealed Beam Head Lamps, Light Bulbs, Lenses, Trim, Moldings, Bright Metal, Upholstery, Paint, Sheet Metal, Bumpers, Alignment Of Body Parts, Flexible Body Parts, Door Panels, Body Panels, Structural Framework, Convertible Top Framework, Structural Welds, Hinges, Door Handles, Vinyl And Convertible Tops And Non-Mechanical Removable Hardtop Assemblies.