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Website & Private PC Update FAQ

Member FAQs: New Website and Private PC

Why wasn't I notified of the upcoming change?
In preparation for the upcoming changes, we placed articles about the website and Private PC changes in both the Fall 2010 and Winter 2011 (October and January) newsletters to advise members.
There has been a banner on the front/home page of the website about the upcoming change since March 1.There has been a banner inside of Private PC at the top regarding the upcoming change since March 1.
What is my “User ID”? Has my login information changed with the update?
Nothing has changed. You login to the updated version of Private PC Online Banking with the same information, challenge questions, and password as before.
Why did you make the change to Private PC? I don't like the look/feel. It's hard to locate things.
As with all software, it becomes outdated and goes through upgrades and enhancements. Our Private PC vendor released the new software, which we installed. The new version also allows us to offer mobile banking, which was not supported by the old software.
I can't access BillPayer/Credit Card Information.
There is a notification as you sign into home banking that should resolve your problem. You should see a notification bar at the top of your web browser that is blocking the popups. Permanently allow popups from this site and that should allow you access to BillPayer/Credit Cards.
When clicking on ‘account history,’ the available dates only go back to January 2011. We are working to include the full 13 months in this section.
I feel that the balance should be given in each account like it was under the old site.
We do not have access to change what is shown because the software is provided by the home banking vendor. However, we do believe that your concerns are valid and will pass this information on to the vendor and request that it be added as an enhancement in a future upgrade of the software.
Why do I have to scroll left to right to see all my account information?
A change for this "display glitch" is currently being tested by our software vendor. You should notice a difference in a week or two.