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QUESTION: I went through some hard times and messed my credit up. Should I apply for credit with 121 Financial Credit Union?

Answer: Absolutely you should. 121 Financial Credit Union understands hard times. We are able to work with you.

If your credit score is lower than what you want it to be, you may pay a little bit higher on the interest rate, but there are times when we absolutely can qualify you for credit.

We are not looking at you as just a credit score (the number), we are looking at your complete file and income. We are looking at several things when we work the loan up.

We are going to do our best to work with you and qualify you for the credit you requested, but what you need to understand is that if we can’t qualify you we are able to give you free financial counseling and a free credit report review to help you get that credit score to where you want it to be.

So there is hope and we want you to apply. We believe that we are able to help you.

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