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Term Share Certificates

Lost when it comes to saving money 121 FCU offers flexibility — whether you want to choose your own maturity date or start small and add to your Certificate each month.

Right Course Certificate

Our Right Course Certificate may be the option for you. The Right Course Certificate gives you the option to “grow” a certificate with the ability to add deposits at any time during the certificate term.


The minimum deposit to start is $10. It’s the perfect Certificate to get started with savings.

You may choose a maturity date of 12 or 24 months. An unchanged account will automatically renew the Certificate at maturity.


Standard Term Share Certificates

The standard Term Share Certificate requires a $500 minimum deposit, and you can choose your own maturity date! (From 3 months to 60 months.) Early withdrawal penalties apply. See the Fee Schedule for details.


Our Certificates make you money with competitive compounding interest. Dividends may be re-invested (compounded), credited to a 121 Financial savings/checking account, a check mailed monthly, deferred, or withdrawn without penalty.


Money Market Account

Want to earn a little more than a savings account but still have access to your funds? At $2,500 our Money Market account earns dividends and has a generous per-month allowance for accessing the funds.


Building Your Nest Egg?

Our IRA can help you prepare for retirement. (Traditional and Roth available.)


Planning for Your Retirement?

Our Financial Retirement & Investment Services Program offers a variety of insurance and investment solutions.