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Name Change FAQ

Have a question about our name change

1. Why did we change our name?
We needed a name that would align us more with our broad and diverse community-based membership. By selecting a new name, we have made an investment in our future and have provided a foundation for growth in the years ahead.
2. Why select this name?
We chose a name that honors and reflects our commitment to members and our core values and mission. 121 Financial Credit Union was selected for its straightforward and strong connection to our core values and the pride and everyday dedication we show to each and every member.
3. What does this mean for me?
While our name is changing, you can still expect the same great personal service from our highly professional, knowledgeable staff. The same staff you have come to know and trust to provide you with exceptional one to one solutions. We reaffirm our commitment to this high standard as we continue to serve all our members.
4. What about my checks, my debit card and my credit card — they all say Florida Telco. Will they still work?
There is no need to worry if you still have checks, deposit slips, debit and credit cards with the Florida Telco name on them they will continue to work after the name changes as will automatic payments and we will replace checks and cards as they expire in order to be fiscally and ecologically responsible. If you use automatic BillPayer, nothing will change. You will not have to set up your vendors again.
5. Will my account number change?
No. Nothing about your relationship with us will change. All of your account numbers and card numbers will remain the same.
6. When will all of the signs be replaced?
Because of the cost, and the logistics we will be phasing in signs at our branches, both inside and outside. We don't have an exact date yet, but it will be as soon as we possibly can.
7. Why during these difficult times is the credit union spending money to change the name?
It is precisely these difficult times that mandate that we change our name. First, surveys have shown that our member growth would improve if the general public understood that they are eligible to join our credit union and didn't have to be employed by a telecommunications firm. Second, because of slow business in all industries, the costs associated with the name change are much lower now than they have ever been.
8. Can I still use Shared Branch facilities?
Yes. Because all routing and account numbers will remain the same, so will shared branching.