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Multifactor Authorization

We're taking security to a higher level.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication and PassMark™?

Although Private PC has always been secure, we’re enhancing the safety of your online experience by implementing “multi-factor authentication.” This just means adding additional layers of security to your account access. You will need to do this only once (for each computer you use).

Log into Private PC

Getting started is easy.


The first time you log on and see the following page — the security notice in black will be in the left hand column and you are only asked for your account number:

  1. Log in using your account number.
  2. On the next page, you'll use the same password (PIN) you always have.
  3. When you click on Sign In you’ll see a disclosure and will be asked to enroll.
    Note: You may choose to delay enrolling five (5) times before the system will require you to enroll.
  4. Pick an Icon/picture and write a caption for it.
    • There are hundreds of pictures to choose from (there is a drop down category list). Pick one that suits you and write a caption (e.g. “Good dog Rex!”) for it that you will remember. The next time you log in you should see the picture and the caption you wrote. This will mean you are on our legitimate Private PC Internet Banking site.
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    • The purpose? Phishing attacks use “spoofed” emails and fraudulent web sites that look authentic but are not official. They can then trick you into divulging personal information. With our new security, the icon and caption you've chosen won't appear on fake sites but will appear on our authentic site to assure you the site is valid.
  5. Select and answer 3 “challenge” questions only you know the answers to & register the PC(s) you will be using to access your account and you won't be asked your challenge questions each time.
    Note: Do NOT register a PUBLIC COMPUTER.

There are three groups of questions to choose from. Pick one question from each group and type your answer carefully. These will be used to verify it is really you trying to access your account if it is attempted from a computer you haven't registered. We remind you, Do NOT register a PUBLIC COMPUTER.

Note: If you have joint members on your account who also use Private PC, be sure to let them know what icon and caption you chose and the answers to the challenge questions.