121 Financial is dedicated to providing the best experience for our members.

We know that our branches can get crowded at times and that everyone has those moments when we can’t afford to wait in line. To provide you another option for your banking needs, we are proud to introduce our network of Live Teller Machines. Think of them as a full bank branch inside an ATM.

You can carry out nearly all of the same transactions you could and would inside a physical branch and get to interact with the same wonderful 121 Financial representatives you’ve come to know.

We bet you have a few questions about our Live Teller Machines. We have some answers for you…


What are Live Teller Machines?

Live Teller Machines, or LTMs, are ATMs with video and audio interface capabilities. They give you an option of having a face-to-face interaction with a 121 Financial Credit Union representative who’s in our Jacksonville-based Contact Center.

Think of it like using “Facetime” on your phone but as part of a souped-up ATM. You can conduct nearly every type of teller transaction as you would inside a branch. You can make deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, transfers, and get balances. Unfortunately, we can’t produce money orders or cashier’s checks via LTM right now.

How do LTMs work?

When you are ready, simply touch the screen to connect to a 121 Financial teller. You can then communicate verbally with the teller, who will process your requested transaction. The machines also walk you through a transaction by lighting up and directing you to buttons/options as you go along.

I don’t always need to speak with a rep. Can I just use it like an ATM?

Yes, if you prefer to complete an ATM transaction without the assistance of a Live teller, simply insert your debit card into the machine and follow the prompts on the screen to complete your desired transaction. Our LTMs work just like any normal ATM when the video interface is not being used.

Do LTMs dispense coins?

No, our LTMs cannot dispense or accept coins. If you’re cashing a check, the change is deposited into your share/savings account and paper bills are dispensed by the machine.

Do I need to show my ID?

Sometimes! Just like in a branch, a valid form of ID may be required for certain transactions. If your ID is required, just place it on the scanner on the LTM. It’s really quick and easy.

Is there a fee to use an LTM?

NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. We hate fees.

Are these LTM things secure?

Yes! Your LTM transactions are as secure as if you were doing a transaction with a teller in one of our branches.

LTMs sound great! Where can I find one?

We have LTMs at our Argyle, Beach, Mandarin, Middleburg, and Westside branches with plans to roll out at River City and Touchton soon. We also have an LTM inside the Courthouse downtown (501 W Adams St.).

They can be found in our drive-thru lanes everywhere except Beach and at the Courthouse, where they are inside the building. LTMs are available during branch hours of operation and can be a great option if the in-branch teller line is moving slowly.

Are the LTM tellers 121 Financial employees? You aren’t eliminating jobs, are you?!

All LTM representatives are 121 Financial employees working in our Contact Center and some of the same people you would interact with if you called us on the phone. LTMs are not in any way eliminating positions or jobs at the credit union. All of our LTM tellers complete extensive training so they can handle all of your banking needs.

Who are the tellers I’ll be interacting with? Are they cool?

All LTM tellers are employees of 121 Financial Credit Union and work out of our corporate office in the Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville. Our LTM reps aren’t all hipsters but, yes, they are all very cool.