What are Live Teller Machines?

We know that our branches can get crowded at times and that everyone has those moments when we can’t afford to wait in line. To provide you another option for your banking needs, we are proud to introduce our network of Live Teller Machines. Think of them as a full bank branch inside an ATM. You can carry out nearly all of the same transactions you could and would inside a physical branch and get to interact with the same wonderful 121 Financial representatives you’ve come to know.

Live Teller Machines, or LTMs, are ATMs with video and audio interface capabilities. They give you an option of having a face-to-face interaction with a 121 Financial Credit Union representative who’s in our Jacksonville-based Contact Center. Think of it like using “Facetime” on your phone but as part of a souped-up ATM. You can conduct nearly every type of teller transaction as you would inside a branch. You can make deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, transfers, and get balances. Unfortunately, we can’t produce money orders or cashier’s checks via LTM right now.

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