• Put a password on your account. Make your password long, include numbers, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters. Avoid using personal information and do not reuse your online banking password.


  • Keep your contact information updated with us. If we notice something suspicious with your account, we will contact you with the information provided. Keeping your contact information updated will ensure an issue is resolved as soon as possible.


  • Monitor your accounts. Look at your transactions daily online or through the app. If a charge does not look familiar, contact the Contact Center Immediately.


  • ATM SkimmingBefore inserting your card, try jiggling the slot and see if it moves. Skimming devices also need a camera pointed at the key pad, so look around or on the ATM for something that looks like a camera. There have been recent reports of credit and debit card skimmers in Florida, including Jacksonville, Gainesville and Palm Coast. Always be alert and watch for suspicious activity. If you find a skimming device, contact the police immediately.


  • Phishing– 121 Financial Credit Union will never call and ask you to reveal personal information. If you feel that someone is asking you too much information from 121 Financial Credit Union, hang up and call us at 904-723-6300.


  • Online Protect– Be aware of unknown pop-ups and links. Unknown links and phone numbers can contain potential viruses. If you believe your computer has been infected with a virus, turn of your computer and contact your IT support immediately.


  • Fraudulent Emails– If you receive an email from an unknown source, do not open an attachment or zipped file. If you are unsure, the safest thing to do is contact your IT support before opening a file.


When in doubt, please call our Contact Center at 904-723-6300.