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Direct Deposit

What is direct deposit?

Direct Deposit is the electronic transfer of a payment from a company or organization into an individual's checking or savings account. Not only is direct deposit ideal for payroll, it also applies to expense reimbursements, tax refunds, pensions, dividends and bonuses.

Deciphering the Numbers

Ever wondered how to identify the correct numbers for your direct deposit

ABA Routing Number: This is a 9 digit number that identifies 121 Financial Credit Union as your Financial Institution.

Member Number - For Savings: This number is up to 6 digits long and is the only account number we need when designating your Savings Account for direct deposit.

Checking Account Number: This is a 13 digit number that designates your 121 FCU Checking Account for direct deposit. (Please note that in the sample below, only the routing number is accurate. The checking account number, including the last two digits is a sample only. You will need to look at your own checks in the area shown to be sure you have the correct digits for your checking account. If you have questions please ask your Financial Service Rep at your local branch.)

direct deposit example