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For Private PC Users

If you currently use Private PC (online banking) all you will need to do is download the 121 FCU app for your phone and follow the onscreen instructions to set up and login using your current user information.

For people who do not have Private PC

If you do not currently use our online banking, you will first need to sign up either at a branch (please bring valid picture ID), or by using a regular computer (not a mobile device). The detailed questions you will be asked when signing up online are designed to make sure you are the owner of the account. Use the sign up link on our home page (top right under the the Online Banking Login). After you have signed up, download the 121 FCU app and follow the onscreen instructions.

Older phones may require a security software update. Android phones prior to 2011 may experience a “white screen” when trying to verify. Our vendor is aware of this issue and is working on a fix that will allow the older Android phones to function with the app. There is no time-frame for a patch at this time, however, you can still access Private PC’s regular mobile version through the website. (You will automatically be directed to the mobile-friendly site when visiting the website on your phone.) Blackberry users will also need to use the regular version of our mobile site.